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Welcome to Casa Gialla and the wild valley of Ticino: the Onsernone!

Hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by...

As a new visitor, you must be wondering who we are, where we are, and how we plan to make your stay memorable...understandably! We've been travelers ourselves at one point or another, so we know what's like to go to a new place where you know very little of where you'd stay and hope the place you've booked is exactly what you hoped it'd be!

With this blog we will try our best to take you "behind the scenes" of our daily operations, and at same time, tell you a little bit about us, who the team is, what is our vision for Casa Gialla, and how much we enjoy being part of your travel experience in Ticino!

We bought Casa Gialla on December 2022 and started working on making the house cozy and welcoming pretty much right away! It makes us so proud that in the first year of operating, we managed to get a score of 9.3 in and our super host badge in our Airbnb platform!

Of course, in these two years we've enjoyed getting tons of nice messages and gifts from guests, and many and many smiling faces! Our favorite memory, however, have been being part of a very important time in a couple of our guests' life and that is having had the honored to have host our very first wedding party! The bride loved the loft, and friends and family enjoyed the rest of the house, followed by a Ticinese party at one of our local restaurants...and of course, just next door the municipality was so convenient to go to!

Visit us from time to time...

We hope the next years are also filled with nice stories and memories that we'll be able to share with you on this blog. Most of all, we commit to continuing to offer comfortable, humble but nice accommodation in Val Onsernone...the future is exciting! Come visit us from time to time to see what we're up to!

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