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There is no time to get bored during your stay with us!  These are some, but not all, the activities we can think of can keep you busy if you want a break from hiking the so many trails available in our beautiful valley!

Man Climbing

Rock Climbing


Free rock climbing is 5 minutes walk away from Casa Gialla at the "Russo" gneiss crag!  Long routes and lots of climbs of all difficult ranges from 4C to 8B+.

perdomo artworks at Russo Casa Gialla.jpg


Do you want to make a hand-made postcard of your favorite spot in Val Onsernone for someone special?    Painting (and well, why not also try sculpting lessons!) for kids and adults at Perdomo Artworks!  The studio is located at the ground level of Casa Gialla.

The Baths of Craveggia


At the end of Val Onsernone, from the village Spruga, one can easily reach on foot, the ruins of the old baths of Craveggia.     

baths of Craveggia casa gialla Onsernone ticino_edited.jpg

Funivia Zott-Salei


Take the 7 minute ride from Vergeletto to Alpe Salei and discover the beautiful scenery in the area:  from the lake Salei, to Alpe Pesced, to Capanna Salei, and Pizzo Zucchero... all amazing spots to see Ticino at altitude!

funivia salei casa gialla onsernone ticino_edited.jpg
Mill Loco casa gialla Onsernone Ticino_edited.jpg

The Mill


The Mill of Loco, or the "Mulino di Loco," is a water mill that can be found in the village of Loco, in Val Onsernone.  Today, the mill still produces polenta flour but you can see its history at the upper floor where there is a permanent exhibiton illustrating the history and techniques of grinding cereal to date.

Stone Jar


Onsernone Museum

Located in Loco, the museum exhibits through art and artifacts the history of Val Onsernone!

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 14.00 to 17.00.

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