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Winter in the Onsernone

Hiking, exploring the villages, cooling by the river, or even jumping in the so many lakes of Val Onsernone are some of the many activities you can do while visiting the area in summer....but have you ever wondered what this wild valley offers in winter? What is it like spending time in winter here?

In our humble view, the Onsernone is beautiful also in "shoulder seasons," but ever more beautiful in winter when the snow flakes almost reach us! For one, the sunrises and sunsets make the face glow purple and pink as one stands mesmerized looking to the horizon of mountains.

To say you are unlucky with the weather is to say you are lucky to witness the infinite numbers of ways the clouds wrap around the mountains! It's only then you find the forces of nature working on the angry, so still, so charged, so delicate! The sky is all, silent and loud.

Then when the sun wins the battle over the clouds and the sky turns blue, the fresh white powder turns every single tree single, and every single branch visible! The mountains look even bigger as if they have devoured the snow to gain a pound or two. They stand there proud and still...waiting for you to come explore them!

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