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We have a POOL!!!

Updated: Jul 5

After many months of planning its location and size, we settled down for the upper corner of the property, where in Spring nights we sat at, overlooking the back of the house to listen to the crickets. The grass was tall and although it was hard to imagine the view one would look at if they were submerged in the pool, we decided to go for it!

We found the right man to do the hard work. It would need access from all the apartments, so our first task was to make a stair case on the landing of the terrace of apartment 4! From there every apartment could have access to the area.

Once the stairs appeared we were ready to start the best part: the platform that will give our guests access to the pool and the terrace above. Slowly but surely the deck was taking shape and it looked great!

It must be said that we were not wrong in choosing this special spot for our guests wanting to relax and cool down after a hike! The sunsets from the pool are fantastic and submerged in fresh water the sunsets feel magical!!!

And let’s not forget how peaceful life is while you sip your coffee next to this small but cool pool!

We hope everyone enjoys this little bit of heaven!

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