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The forests of Val Onsernone

Absolutely understandably, many friends believe I exaggerate when I tell them our valley is magical, but IT IS! A windy but beautiful mountain road can take one from a busy city as Locarno, straight through so many charming villages along with really rich Ticinese history!

I feel enchanted by the so many churches and cute rustici I see on my way to Russo. When you don't find me at Casa Gialla, I am somewhere in the valley, enjoying a hike. Maybe you see me painting or reading a book under a shady one of the many villages I can go visit!

It's hard to choose where to go when I'm in the valley. Besides Russo, which is where anyone can find me most of the time, I like spending time in Berzona. Berzona is a lovely village down the valley. I enjoy getting lost in its little paths, all decorated by beautiful houses and gardens. It's so like a place that one can imagine existing on this Earth that their residents seem to be at competition as to whom has the best garden! I have no favorites: they're all so beautiful! Every corner of this village is the perfect spot for that perfect picture!

It's not wonder why Max Frisch bought himself a little stone house to work on his writing! The town can be described in one word: inspirational!

Berzona is made up of cute old stone houses, enchanting paths, colorful gardens, but let's not forget the magical forests: once you find a path into the woods, you will commence a journey of peace and tranquility: the smell of wood, the sounds of birds, and running water never fail to transport me to a more serene me!

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