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Our Green Onsernone Valley

After a couple of dried years, the rain finally arrived in Ticino...and it has adorned the valley with wonderful colors! Purple, yellow, pink, red, white, and the most amazing green one cannot find but in the Onsernone: we think the green mountains are just spectacular. The valley feels so magical!

From our balconies, or while you are still in bed or even taking your coffee by the windows, one cannot help but be hypnotized by the greenery. In a clear day like today I can spend my morning trying to count the numbers of trees the mountain in front of me has! I still can't believe that not too long ago the trees were blooming and the snow had not melted.

It's the perfect day to work on the garden...what a joy though, first I take my coffee up the higher terrace to energize myself: there is no better way to do so than to sit and enjoy the warm sun. It's such a great pleasure to feel the sun, hear the birds, and see the valley!

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