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It's time to hit the gym!

As we step out of Casa Gialla and pass its main door, we realize we get access to a vast sea of tall mountains, a choice of dining experiences, a bus ride up or down the valley, but access to a gym? Yes, this small village in the wildest valley of Ticino, has indeed a well-equipped functional gym, who could have thought!

Our local gym has a bit of everything and for everyone: weights for those who take their training seriously but also for those who want to have an easy yet sweaty work-out. If building muscles isn't your thing, you can run on the treadmill, use the rowing machine, bike or hop on the nordic skiing/step machine...there's lots to choose from!

The gym is run by our municipality and is taken care by a very passionate body builder who has carefully picked the right equipment for some serious work out. You know it, we jumped right into finding out how we could collaborate so that our guests can keep fit even during their holidays. Here it is, for a small fee of 20chf you can enjoy the gym any time and as many times as you want during your stay!

So, next time you stay with us, enjoy that extra run on the treadmill, build muscles, pull the yoga mat...hit the box sac...we have it all at Russo, have fun and stay fit!

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